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SALT hair tonic

SALT hair tonic

SKU: 364215376135191

Introducing our signature Oud Scented Sea Salt Spray – a harmonious blend of natural sea salt, botanicals, and the luxurious aroma of oud. This organic concoction not only gifts you with the coveted beachy waves but also infuses your hair with nourishing elements. Ideal for all hair types, it ensures a natural finish with subtle hold and amplified volume. Elevate your hair game sustainably, embracing both sophistication and style in one environmentally-conscious bottle.


    100ml / 3.4 oz

    Air Travel size friendly

    **Product Advantages:**

    - Mixture between a hair tonic and a sea salt spray SALT is a daily go to.

    - Provides instant texture.

    - Elevates and amplifies volume

    - Augments natural curls and waves

    - Nourishes and fortifies hair

    - Non sticky


    We do not accept returns due to it being a product being used. However; we are always here to support our customers as you do us. If there is anything wrong with your product or shipment, contact us and we will take care of you!


    Please allow 2-3 business days for handling and 3-7 days from day of purchase for delivery.


    Experiment our NEUTRAL cream and our SALT tonic together to achieve ultimate results. Both were designed to work in harmony when applied together.

    - Spray 4-5 pumps of salt tonic in hands and take a pea sized amount of cream, mix the two together in hands and apply to damp hair. Distribute evenly then blow dry for ultimate volume. a natural shine and natural look won’t require a blow dry

    Have fun with it and apply however suits you, there is no wrong way. Find the balance that works for you


    1. **Damp Hair:** Start with slightly damp hair.

    2. **Spray Evenly:** Spritz SALT evenly throughout your hair, focusing near roots for volume.

    3. **Blow Dry (Optional):** For max texture, blow-dry while tousling hair. For natural look, let air dry.

    4. **Even Coating:** Ensure even distribution.

    5. **Style:** Once dry, style as desired. A few sprays after dried helps for a natural shine.

    Play with SALT for diverse effects, especially when combined with NEUTRAL cream. Embrace your creativity

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